The Innovation Challenge 1 (IC1) will use existing knowledge from its members to identify opportunities for Research, Development & Demonstration (RD&D) activities to support the goal of substantially increase government investment in the field of smart grids; and build a collaboration network of institutes, businesses and investors to expand its influence.

Research on smart grids is currently undertaken in many countries. Based on members’ existing knowledge, our first action will be to identify and select the main RD&D topics within the smart grids field which will form a the base for the future work of the Challenge.

IC1 aims to interact and leverage the work of other ongoing initiatives in this space, such as International Energy Agency and a number of its Technology Collaboration Programmes (TCPs), IRENA and other frameworks at European and national level including: ETIP SNET, EERA JP SG, ERA-Net SG+, CRES, etc. Close interactions have already been established with the IEA TCP ISGAN and also with other IEA TCPs such as DSM, HEV, PVPS, etc. Moreover ELECTRA, the European integrated programme on smart grids strongly supported the activity of this Challenge, also providing a space for the Challenge repository and working area.