IC1 aims to accelerate the development and demonstration of smart grid technologies in a variety of grid applications, including demonstrating the robust, efficient, and reliable operation of regional grids and distribution grids as well as micro grids in diverse geographic conditions, in order to facilitate the cost effective uptake of renewable energy.

The bulk of activity relevant to this Challenge will take place in the individual national programmes of MI members and in private sector bodies. In addition however some members also wish to work together to share information and foster collaboration between volunteer organisations.

The initial focus of the IC1 team is on building an improved and shared understanding of what is needed to address the Challenge, what activity is currently underway and to identify key gaps and opportunities not sufficiently addressed by current activities. Informed by the emerging findings of that work, the team will explore opportunities and develop plans to:

  • Promote opportunities to researchers, innovators and investors in-order to build support and excitement around them and boost engagement and,
  • Strengthen and expand collaboration between key partners (government-government, researcher-researcher, public-private, etc.)