Smart Grids Innovation Accelerator (SGIA) Platform

In line with the Mission Innovation approach and to IC1 strong commitment to involve the private sector the Smart Grids Innovation Accelerator (SGIA) Platform launched in November 2018 at the 4th IC1 deep-dive workshop in Rome has been further developed.

The SGIA platform will serve as a suitable tool to enable sharing technical results and best practices, catalysing the public and private sectors joint efforts towards IC1 goals to accelerate the development and deployment of innovative smart grids technologies worldwide. SGIA will cover not only technological but also policy & regulatory and financial aspects, involving all relevant stakeholders.

The SGIA will allow to:

  • Foster and accelerate the smart grids deployment through the implementation of clean and sustainable energy technologies, leveraging on pilot project results and best practices to be shared with all IC1 stakeholders, thus promoting their replication and broad adoption.
  • Enlarge the Public Private Collaboration (PPC) creating a favourable framework to launch feasible projects/initiatives.
  • Identify innovative enabling technologies and business models to plan for the long term investments needed to allow the smart grids full development and deployment.

As a first step, the SGIA open semantic Platform has been released and its main functionalities will be presented in Vancouver at the CEM10/MI4 side event “First CEM-ISGAN/MI IC1 Forum to facilitate cooperation to accelerate the Market uptake of smart grids”.

This open platform starts gathering key documents, information, data, tools, best practices and project results in the field of smart grids, with the specific aim to be replicated and adopted broadly.

Through SGIA, public and private sectors join forces towards IC1 goals to accelerate the development of innovative smart grids technologies worldwide, in line with the spirit of Mission Innovation.

Find out more in this video.