IC1 ultimate goal is to enable future grids that are powered by affordable, reliable, resilient, flexible and decentralized electricity systems able to accommodate up to 100% renewables, fostering the development and demonstration of smart grid technologies under different grid conditions to promote large scale and high proportion utilization of renewable energy towards a more robust, efficient, reliable and sustainable energy system. To allow this transition industry full engagement is key.

IC1 is strongly committed to promote Public-Private collaborations among IC1 Member stakeholders and IC1 approach is fully aligned with Mission Innovation Sub-group BIE (Business and investor Engagement) goals. In fact, IC1 members have agreed on the following specific mission and goals:

  • Engage the private sector and business investors to accelerate market up-take of mature smart grids technical solutions, involving National stakeholders within each IC1 Country;
  • Understand Industry Research needs in the field of smart grids and identify gaps and opportunities;
  • Share common R&D priorities and early-stage technologies with Industry, highlighting new energy technologies enabling reliable and affordable power systems;
  • Support MI BIE and MI in achieving their Goals focused on private-sector engagement.

IC1 National Industry events have been organized by several IC1 members already in the year 2017, one of them was held in Rome in September 2017, with the participation of Chinese, Indian and Italian Government Representatives, where the achievements and outcomes of 1st deep-dive Workshop held in June 2017 in Beijing were presented. During this event, IC1 discussed issues and Research priorities (R&D Tasks) that were shared with the main Italian actors operating in the energy and smart grids fields (Regulator, DSO, TSO & Industry) and a fruitful round table discussion was held.

At the 1st (Beijing) and the 2nd (New Delhi) IC1 deep-dive Workshops, IC1 BIE proposals were presented and discussed during closed-door meetings and successful BIE sessions were organized at Public events, with contributions from private sector and IEA, IRENA and WEF representatives, panel discussions with Industry and exhibitions of smart grids industries from the different  IC1 Countries.

IC1 BIE and Industry Engagement Approach was agreed at the 3rd Deep Dive Workshop in Malmö, discussed in BIE calls and then shared with all IC1 Members. Among the main activities: mapping of National smart grids stakeholders and sharing IC1 identified R&D priorities with smart grids industry to better understanding industry needs and perspectives are part of the initial activities. Work is in progress and activities have been launched to identify potential interests by smart grids industry stakeholders and Associations in IC1 R&D Tasks activity.


1st IC1 Industry Workshop
November 2018, Rome

The 1st IC1 Industry Workshop gathered representatives from leading companies in the

smart grids sector to present examples of technical solutions already successfully implemented, identify the barriers for further developments and discuss needs and roles of IC1 to foster deployment and harvest benefits for the entire energy system.

To be highlighted:

  • Open approach to promote industry engagement through the active link with MI BIE
  • 2 fruitful IC1-Industry Round Tables involving industry representative from all around the world
  • Sixteen industry success stories about smart grids innovation and public-private cooperation

Important messages emerged from the Round Tables, to be taken into account in IC1 and IC1 BIE activities in the near future:

  • Strong commitment of Industry in IC1 objectives and goals, sharing success cases and best practices;
  • Clear need of a strong and active participation of Industry in IC1 activities to move forward towards specific goals fulfilment and smart grids deployment;
  • Need of reinforcing the cooperation between public entities, research institutions and private companies and industry by sharing common roadmaps and action/implementation plans;
  • key role of policy makers and regulators to provide a favourable and stable framework to foster industry initiatives and of funding entities to provide the proper economic base by issuing funding opportunities, aligned with own country needs and priorities.

A new tool for IC1 BIE to engage industry was launched at the 1st IC1 Industry Workshop: the Smart Grids Innovation Accelerator (SGIA) Platform! Please find more details about this important initiative here.