“Focus on POWER ELECTRONIC technologies, to improve development of advanced components and optimal control scenarios and to further accelerate adoption and insertion of power electronics into the electric grid in order to improve qualities of the system”.

Task co-leaders:
– CHINA – Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences – IEE CAS
– ITALY – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico – RSE


  • 6.1 Power application of Wide-Band-Gap devices
  • 6.2 Development of power converter at MV level and HV level
  • 6.3 High-density and high-efficiency converter for distributed renewable energy and storage
  • 6.4 Simulation tools and modelling methods for power electronics
  • 6.5 Technological solutions towards electronic-dominated power system


Power electronic enables the control and the conversion of electric power, and has been widely used in a modernized electrical grid. Particularly, power converter, such as PV inverter, wind converter and storage PCS, plays the key role to connect renewable energy system to the grid. Moreover, the MMC converter easily converts GW-scale electric power between AC and DC, which enables VSC-HVDC to be a cost-effective solution for long-distance transmission of large-scale renewable electricity. Lots of companies, institutes and universities are involved in R&D of power electronics device, equipment, system and relative technologies, which greatly prompts the performance of renewable energy system and smart grids.

The task is focused on novel or advanced power electronics technology for improving efficiency and controllability of smart grids with high-penetration of renewable electricity. Topics include new technological solutions of device, converter and conversion system, while innovation and improvement of topology, control, protection, integration and simulation are emphasized and catalogued in the task. The “success story” is also included for showcase of business and investor engagement in R&D of power electronics.

Main objectives

The main objective of this task is to analyse and clarify the trend on innovation and development of power electronic device, converter and system according to the requirement of renewable energy system and smart grids. The application features and the research frontier of Wide-Band-Gap (WBG) devices, MV and HV converters, and high-density converters are emphasised and analysed in the task. The simulation tools of power electronics are compared and assessed for application in renewable energy system and smart grids. Aiming to the challenges in electronics-dominated power system, the academic research and the case study will be comprehensively reviewed and analysed.